The Association

merino picThe Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders (AASMB) has been the peak body for stud Merino breeders since 1959 when the six state associations united to provide national industry representation of their industry. Fifty-six years later the AASMB continues to represent 900+ Merino studs through their state bodies on national and international matters concerning the Merino industry.

The principal aims of the Association are to encourage, promote and foster the breeding and improvement of stud Merino and Poll Merino sheep; and to compile and publish a register of Merino and Poll Merino stud sheep in Australia.  

The key objects of the AASMB include Advocacy, Promotion, Merino Standards and the Australian Merino Flock Register. The Association strives to achieve its goals in an environment that is tough and unpredictable. 

The AASMB maintains a close interest in matters affecting the stud Merino industry and from time to time is consulted by and/or gives direction to government, statutory authorities, scientific organizations and individuals, both in Australia and overseas. 

AASMB INDUSTRY Representation

Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Assn. (AMSEA) Georgina Wallace
AWI Industry Consultation Committee (ICC) Georgina Wallace/Angus Beveridge
Livestock Export Wayne Button
National Wild Dog Action Group Max Wilson
National Wool Forecasting Committee Peter Rogers/Michael Collins
Rural Youth Leadership Peter Meyer

Wool Industry Animal Health & Welfare Advisory Group

including Sheep MAP/OJD (WPA on behalf of AHA)

Michael Collins/Peter Meyer


Constitution of the Association 

  • Memorandum of Understanding, Articles of Association (the constitution)
  • By-Laws         Click here